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Available Today!!!  March 8, 2006
Free tool -- can't boot your computer, lost your data?

This compilation of free software may save your day...

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for NTFS partitions (XP, VISTA)

Here is a little compilation of free tools that I have configured and found
very useful if you have a system with the NTFS files system that won't boot
or you simply need to manage your NTFS partition's files from DOS,
something MicroSoft does not provide. CD access is included.

Unzip the files and burn the NTFSDOSTOOLS.iso to CD.
The CD is bootable and contains the complete package.
You must reboot your computer to access the tools.

If you want to use the floppy version insert a blank formatted 3.5" floppy
and run NTFSDOSTOOLS.exe to create the boot floppy.
Then insert a second formatted 3.5" floppy and run NTFSDOSPROGRAMS.exe
to create the programs disk floppy.

Now you can run CHECKDISK very quickly from DOS. Sometimes you can repair
your non booting NTFS partition by doing this and replacing corrupted files
from your Windows installation CD or other backup CD's. Using the Volkov
Commander you can easily manage your files and access your CD drive from DOS,
even with NTFS partitions. You can edit a faulty boot.ini file with a simple
text editor to repair a non booting configuration. XXCOPY16 is also included
if you wish to work from a pure DOS environment.

To Use the graphical file explorer Volkov Commander you must use DOS commands
to start it. Run Volkov Commanders directly from the directories on CD or
floppy programs disk. CD or floppy disk is OK to REMOVE after starting Volkov

1) Log to the drive where the Volkov Commander program directories are located.
   Typically this is either A: ,  B: ,  or the drive letter you choose for
   your CD drive. At the DOS prompt just type the drive letter followed by :

2) Type 'CD \VC1'  or 'CD\VC2' to change directory to the Volkov Commander's

   Now type   'mouse'  to enable the mouse, skip if you don't want to use the mouse.
   You can disable the mouse if you type 'mouse off' from the DOS prompt.

   Type ' Loadfix vc'  to start Volkov Commander. You must use the Loadfix command.
   per above:

   cd \vc1    or    cd\vc2
   Loadfix vc
   The CD or floppy disk is OK to remove after starting Volkov Commander.

3) Volkov Commander 4.99 from VC1 does not have a hex editor nor can the text editor
   be run unless the the program CD or floppy is in the drive. You must use Volkov
   Commander 4.05 from VC2 for the accessing HELP. When reading other CDs, access
   is complete if the CD's file system includes ISO 8.3 filenames. Long file names
   (Joliet) are NOT accessible. If the CD has ONLY Joliet long files names you
   will not be able properly access the CD's contents.

   Volkov Commander 4.05 from VC2 has a text and hex editor and the editor CAN be used
   even if the program disk is removed. Only one(1) CD operation when NTFS4DOS
   is enabled is allowed, then FAILS to read CD. The HELP is very descriptive.

For FreeDOS help, type:  ?  at the command prompt.
FreeDOS help use switches [-] or [/] followed by [?] or [h], for commands
                                                              or programs.
other notes: cd.., or  cd \  for changing directories.

Try xxcopy16.exe for a DOS super xcopy even from CD!
Read the HELPXX_A.TXT and HELPXX16.TXT on the CD or program disk floppy for details.


 md [drive:]\[dir]
 XXCOPY16 [drive:]\[path]\ [drive:]\[dir] /ks /h /e /r for exact copy of all !
           source           destination
 md [drive:]\[dir]
 XXCOPY16 [drive:]\[path]\*.* [drive:]\[dir] /ks /h /e /r for exact copy of all !
           source             destination

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